Argireline - What Is It & Why You Need It

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Argireline is a skincare ingredient known as an alternative to wrinkle relaxing injections. That’s right, Argireline is a synthetic peptide which works to relax muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines. You can now say goodbye to crows feet and frown lines, dermatologist agree it’s the closest thing to injectables that you can get without going under the needle.

What Is Argireline?

Argireline is a brand name for a synthetic peptide which you will find on the back of your skincare label written as “acetyl hexapeptide-8”.  Peptides are short chains of amino acids which are the foundation of proteins, including collagen and elastin which are essential for healthy and youthful skin.

How Does Argireline Work?

Even though Argireline is often touted as an alternative to botulinum toxin it is not actually a toxin, it is however similar in its mechanism of action.

Argireline was put to the test in a clinical trial conducted by the Department of Dermatology at Mahidol University on 70 female participants aged 35-45.

The study demonstrated a 30% improvement in the depth and length of wrinkles after 30 days of use of a 10% argireline solution. 

  • Prevents dynamic wrinkle formation
    Argireline affects nerve-to-muscle communication so that muscles can’t adequately contract – fewer muscle contractions result in fewer wrinkles. 
  • Stimulates collagen production
    Collagen is the building block of muscle, bones, skin and hair, it supports us from within, keeping us bendy, bouncy and supple. Ageing results in collagen depletion and it starts from as early as your mid-twenties, resulting in wrinkles, sagging and loose skin.
    Argireline stimulates the production of collagen helping to keep skin firm, healthy and wrinkle free. 
  • Helps the skin retain moisture
    Argireline optimises the function of collagen improving moisture levels in the skin, further contributing to it’s smoothing and plumping capabilities.

Products Containing Argireline

Meet your Holy Grail 5in1 Rejuvenating Facial Serum containing a highly potent tri-peptide complex of argireline, matrixyl and matrixyl synthe -6. 

These 3 hero peptides work together to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce wrinkle depth by up to 57% and stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump and hydrated.  

As if that’s not enough, the 5in1 Serum also contains a popular brightening ingredient Vitamin C, hydrating hyaluronic acid and a host of natural antioxidants that protect the skin against damage from exposure to pollution and UV rays.

Discover a beautifully smooth, even-toned and youthful complexion with one simple product containing 5 powerful age-defying ingredients.

Why Our Customer Love This Product

So glad I found this!
After trying many products I've finally found one that suits my skin! I Skins feel soft and light as the product glides on and I can already notice an difference! Will be buying again!

- Ilfana

Love this multi-tasking serum!

As a skincare newbie approaching 30, this is a great first serum. Love that it's multi-tasking with 3 key ingredients I was looking for in 1 product! And that it's plant-based. Goes on easily, sinks in rapidly and didn't irritate my sensitive skin. Skin feels super smooth and drinks in face oil/moisturiser afterwards. Can't wait to try the retinol repair creme next.

- Sophie

Fab product

I can see the difference in my skin already after just days of use.

- Laura Thurston

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