How To Age Well

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We are all ageing, it is an inevitable process that we cannot eliminate or reverse. What we can do is age well to ensure that we remain healthy, mobile and beautiful in our old age.

It’s time to ditch the anti-ageing movement and instead embrace the process by learning to care for yourself to ensure vitality throughout your lifetime. It’s about looking good and feeling good, not looking younger. It’s not about age it’s about mindset.

It is not too late to make profound changes, your lifestyle choices can keep you young and rejuvenate your physical and mental state. You can be healthy, beautiful and active well into your eighties. You can start a new career and take up a new hobby. Your cognitive function can be at its peak at age sixty-five. Old age is not something to be afraid of or to battle, it is a tremendously rich stage of life still ahead of you.

The only obstacle standing in between you looking and feeling young at old age is yourself. 

The anti ageing skincare industry is estimated at 192 billion dollars, in the US alone. We spend plenty of money on anti-ageing skincare that promises to make us beautiful, yet we often forget about other aspects of our health. Skincare is last (yes, I said it!) in the order of importance when it comes to maintaining beauty and vitality in old age. You must adopt a long-term view with a self-care attitude, consider environmental and lifestyle factors such as climate, sun, pollution, diet and stress. A holistic approach to health and wellness will reflect on your outwardly appearance in positive ways. 

5 Tips For Ageing Well

How To Age Well

1. Change Your Mindset

Ever heard the quote “you’re only as old as you feel”? It’s true.

A study conducted by Dr. Ellen Langer at Harvard University has found that your mindset determines how you age.

If you can change your mindset and perception of yourself, you can influence your physical state and the rate at which you age. The study found that those who view ageing more positively live, on average, seven and a half years longer than those who were negative.

If you can adjust your mindset, you can influence your body in more ways than you realise.

Your attitudes, ideas and beliefs are as important to your health as diet and medicine. So what can you do? Stop believing in the stereotype of ageing as one of decline, decay and inevitable loss. Stand up against negative stereotypes of ageing. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want, focus on what you want. Focus your mind on looking and feeling vibrant and young with an abundance of energy and strength running through your body. Live your life as the age that you want to feel. Your positive mindset will create power and energy to propel you in the right direction and help you take the appropriate action to achieve your desired state.

 2. Eat Well

Poor diet consistent of high-glycemic carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fats leads to body-wide inflammation, which leads to ageing, disease, weight gain, fatigue, depression and an undesirable appearance.

The link between inflammation and ageing is now widely accepted scientific fact. Nutrition is a major weapon in your battle against inflammation.

Ensure you eat a well-balanced diet consistent of healthy fats, protein, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Drink plenty of water and cut out unhealthy drinks, alcohol, tobacco, junk food and processed food. You will notice an almost immediate improvement in the way you look and feel.

For a more in-depth explanation into the connection between ageing and nutrition, check out our article and guide on how to eat for good skin.

3. Get moving

Exercise is vital to your health, it can help you lose weight, prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure, improve your mood, solve sleep problems and cut the risk of certain cancers.

Exercise also benefits the skin by improving circulation, collagen production and strengthening bone and muscle quality.

Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect on our cells, increases vitality, sense of well-being, strength and flexibility.

Remaining active throughout your lifetime is the best way to ensure that you stay mobile and physically fit in your old age. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, get out, go for a walk, take up yoga or dance class, your body and mind will thank you.


4. Reduce Stress

Stress causes our brains to release the harmful hormone known as cortisol. High levels of stress can lead to accelerated ageing, acne, wrinkles, hair loss, decreased immune, digestive, cognitive and nervous system function. Basically, stress affects every single part of your body and psyche.

Take your mental and emotional health seriously. Practice mindfulness, meditation and ensure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Surround yourself with people who uplift you and focus on doing what brings you happiness and joy.


5. Treat Your Skin

The number one contributor to premature skin ageing is exposure to UV rays. Exposing your skin to the sun, pollution, wind and smoke causes oxidative damage to your skin cells. By wearing sun cream, you can slow down and prevent the breakdown of collagen and formation of wrinkles.

In order to protect your skin from oxidative damage incorporate topical antioxidants such as Vitamin C into your daily skincare routine.

Your skin turnover rate and collagen production rapidly decreases after the age of 30. In order to maintain a healthy rate of skin turnover, improve collagen production and counteract the effects of sun damage, it’s a great idea to introduce a retinol product into your nightly routine. The powerful combination of these two ingredients will help you achieve and maintain a healthy, youthful glow throughout your lifetime. 

Most importantly, live your life to the fullest, love wholly, remain positive, practice self-care and treat your body with respect. By following these simple life tips, you will be able to live your life happy, healthy and beautiful no matter your age.


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