The Truth About Skincare

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Beauty isles are overflowing with must-have products and 12-step skincare routines are growing in popularity, but what products do we actually need?  

The reality is, skin care is over hyped and claims made by brands are greatly exaggerated.

While caring for your skin is necessary for your overall health and appearance, ever wonder how much of what you are putting on your face is actually having an effect on your skin?

New trends, gimmicks and products are popping up all over the place, which means that maintaining a consistent skincare routine is extremely overwhelming. A lack of transparency and over-the-top claims made by beauty companies are causing us to make misinformed buying decisions, driven by trends and insecurity.

The truth is skincare will not reverse ageing, it will not ad volume or make a significant difference to the depth of your wrinkles.

There are only a handful of scientifically proven effective skincare ingredients that have a positive impact on the health and appearance of the skin.

What good skin care can do is prevent sun damage, reduce inflammation, acne, rosacea, skin irritation, and treat dry and oily skin.

A good skincare routine is not a complicated or expensive one. It is simple, effective and affordable.

Say no to trends, gimmicks and companies benefiting from your insecurities.

Say yes to simple routines using products created on principals founded by science.  

Holy Grail Beauty

At Holy Grail we use scientifically-proven effective active ingredients. Our collection of products is specifically designed to deliver all these ingredients to your skin in three simple steps. Everything your skin actually needs and nothing extra. Like slow fashion… but slow beauty.

As a consumer slow beauty is about making well-informed and thought through purchasing decisions. To us as a brand slow beauty is about education, self-care, acceptance and a positive attitude towards ageing.

Slow beauty is about quality over quantity, it's about transparency and ethical practices.  

We are here to start a feel-good revolution by leading with positive change. Join us.

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